The Foldable Dehumidifier has a bellow-shaped water tank that expands as it fills up

A characteristic part of every dehumidifier is its water-tank, which pulls water vapor from the air to reduce its humidity. This water vapor condenses to turn into droplets of water that get collected within the dehumidifier, needing periodic emptying out. The bigger the tank, the more its capacity, and as a result, the bigger the dehumidifier. The Foldable Dehumidifier circumvents the problem of having massive dehumidifiers sitting in corners of our households. By essentially mounting the tank on the top of the device and turning it into an expandable bellow-shaped container, the appliance holds the ability to remain small but expand as water collects within it, like a balloon. When filled, the bellow-tank detaches off the appliance, and can be carried around, either being used to water plants, wash your car, or be used elsewhere in the house. Once emptied, the appliance resumes its compact shape, and can easily be stored in closets or tucked away somewhere you wouldn’t normally be able to stash a large appliance.

The Foldable Dehumidifier is a winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2019.

Designer: GREE Electric Appliances Inc.