Lexus’ vision for the future is a world with Tron-like cars, holograms, and hovering suitcases

Presented at the 46th Tokyo Motor Show, the Lexus LF-30 is a conceptual direction that embodies Lexus’ vision for the future of electric vehicles. The LF-30 gains the distinction of a BEV or a battery electric vehicle, hinting at the fact that Lexus probably has other technologies in mind for electric cars. The BEV looks absolutely stunning on both the outside and inside. Controlled by the rider who can activate the car by simply swiping in mid-air, the vehicle has the ability to ride autonomously as well as be driven manually. Autonomous riding is unlocked by tapping your personalized Lexus band against the car’s dashboard to have it identify you, whereas the other option would be to treat yourself to a spectacular driving experience from the cockpit, with a steering wheel that emerges from the screen-enabled dashboard. When it hits the road, the LF-30 has a four-wheel drive, thanks to motors located in each of the wheel hubs, and the design is indicative of that, with illuminating wheels and a body-language that points to it. The car does away with the bonnet on the front, which is then replaced by a windscreen that seamlessly runs from the front all the way to the back, forming a panoramic skylight for your rides while also working as an augmented-reality display inside the car for everything from driver information to entertainment.

With a futuristic exterior comes an equally futuristic interior. The car’s insides are accessible via super-wide gullwing doors that open to give you entry into both the front as well as back seats. The driver’s seat has a feature-laden dashboard, with a HUD in the front, gesture-recognition screens on the window, and an interactive screen on the top that can be controlled by voice. The seats are modeled on the appearance of that of a first-class aeroplane seat, and come with artificial muscles that can help the car’s fabric and cushioning conform to the shape of the person sitting in it for a bespoke ergonomic experience. The seat can even tense or relax its cushioning based on your preference, allowing you to choose your comfort. To top things off, the seats have their own audio units in the headrest that even come with noise-cancelling abilities to make sure your cabin has a silent tranquility about it, because when you’re not looking for the adrenaline rush of driving down open roads, you’re probably looking to kick back and relax as the car gets you from A to B. Opacity of the side windows can even be adjusted to control how much light filters into the cabin, letting you choose your level of privacy, and for everything else, Lexus’ onboard AI helps you out by helping you adjust air temperature, navigation routes, entertainment options, and even goes the distance to suggest activities for you at your destination. However, want to know the part that has me the most excited?? It’s the hovering luggage platform that carries my stuff around from inside my home to inside my car and back.

Designer: Lexus