A handsome, handsfree wireless hairdryer!

We put so much thought and consideration into our homes interior design, that it’s just not acceptable for it to be aesthetically compromised by the unsightly appearance of an abandoned hairdryer and the abundance of cable that comes with it. The Fondre Hairdryer addresses this issue, whilst also bringing with it an additional layer of functionality. Storing hairdryers isn’t always an easy task, their awkward form doesn’t make them a draw-friendly device, so why not allow their form to harmoniously compliment the exciting décor of the room.

The wireless design can be used both when it is docked on its base or when it’s held in the user’s hand. I bet your hairdryer can’t do that! There is no denying that the aesthetics have been considered in great depth; from the beautifully simplistic form down to the carefully considered CMF elements. It certainly makes for one desirable hairdryer!

Designer: Sunghyun Kwon