This convenient off-road family camper with full-sized tailgate kitchen is here for your outdoor escapism!

In these unprecedented times, one thing that has really fallen into perspective is the importance of family. Add to this the bonding and learning that comes with traveling, and you instantly want to set out on a family camping trip. Times aren’t such that you can go out on a traditional campsite and pitch, social distancing norms are to be followed, plus you want your family to be safe. This is where a camping trailer makes all the sense. When it comes to picking up a trailer, the aesthetics are of umpteen importance followed by the convenience it presents both on the treacherous trails and when parked.

Filling both shoes just well is the Kerfton Camper Trailer designed for Kerfton Australia by Argentinian designer Raul Gonzalez Podesta. Conceived to be functional and look great at the same time, the camping trailer is way past the drawing boards. A full-scale polystyrene foam model of the trailer has been created to understand the shape, styling and feel before it can be conveniently ready for the market.

The most interesting aspect of the Kerfton trailer is that you get everything from living to sleeping and dining onboard, without any tent pitching woes. The camping trailer is fashioned with a full-sized kitchen that can be accessed from the tailgate and be stored back into the camper’s living area when on the road. The kitchen is ready for use the moment it’s flung open in position with all plumbing and gas requirements taken care of. The kitchen features a cooktop, storage, prep area, a small fridge, and a removable stainless steel sink to facilitate drainage.

A good trailer design is futile if it doesn’t meet convenience. Kerfton takes care of convenience which is important when camping with your family. While the kitchen is accessible without erecting the tent, the latter is required by the night to ensure sleeping arrangement or when living area is to be accessed to reach for the storage, spacious enough to store a chemical toilet and camping gear. Setting up Kerfton is effortless, so while one person is preparing the meal when you arrive at the camp, the other can unfold the living area and set up the awning (if the personal area requires extension).

Kerfton Camper Trailer is fitted with a queen-sized bed and two large seating areas on either side that can double as kids’ bed by the night time. The effortless interior setup means the entire family of up to four members can sleep comfortably without the need for stretcher beds or inflatable mattresses. With its tires and ground clearance, the trailer can tag behind any off-road truck and be driven on paths less traveled. And when you happen to venture into the cold countryside, the camper is equipped with a heater to keep your family cozy!

Designer: Raul Gonzalez Podesta for Kerfton