Making Cities Tsunami-Safe

Adapted specifically for tsunamis, Life Keeper imagines an entirely new infrastructure of street lamps that double as protection during disasters. Like deep-rooted trees, each lamp is reinforced and connected to form an underground scaffolding that’s steadfast against rushing water. Attached to each is a floating shield that 4-5 stranded persons can use as protection from floating debris. Inside they’ll also find life jackets, a medical kit and a emergency call system to give them the best chance of survival.

Designer: Ji Man Kim – Bob


  • Lion says:

    Nonsense I préfère thé idea to climb on thé structure and to attach
    With a phone but sometimes full house are moved and can break the structure
    Ps. With pression I think structure Will simply breaks

  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce for such cities worldwide IE Hawaii, China, India, Java, Australia, alone

  • Dave says:

    Bending moment on telegraph pole needs thinking through!

  • Kaiser says:

    Wouldn’t the force of water wipe over this structure within the first second?

    In my view there is absolutely no shelter in the V-shape and trying to hold on to the rail just keeps the person exposed to anything coming from the current. Why not create more solid towers O—-O—-O (view from above), connected with a traversable cable with lamps in the middle. These towers could contain the emergency equipment, telephone, radio etc. Even collapsible beams and grilles to sit on for many people.

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