The Vision Mercedes Simplex explores a fusion of old-world form and new-age treatment

Taking form inspiration from the 1901 35 PS, the first ever automobile to carry the Mercedes brand name, the Vision Mercedes Simplex concept is both a hat-tip to the past, and a signal towards the future. The Vision Simplex has an open-wheel design, made possible by fitting an electric powertrain in each wheel for a four-wheeled drive. The open-cockpit car is a driver’s dream come true, giving you and the passenger beside you the absolute thrill of driving with the wind in your hair. The car even features a minimalist dashboard, with just 5 simple elements. The radiator on the front resembles the 35 PS, but comes with a rose-gold lining and an interactive display on the front, emblazoned with the proud Mercedes logo. I particularly love the old-world combination of black and rose-gold, contrasted against the futuristic color-combo of white and electric blue! This car is truly a 21st century neo-steampunk automobile!

Designer: Mercedes