The Gentle Giant of the Skies

Oscar Viñals’ AWWA-VA “GIGAbay” concept takes green tech to the skies in the form of a giant cargo plane. Its unique oversized, front-loading holding bay is adaptable to a variety of goods including bulk packages and even other aircraft. Its powered by four hybrid engines with supplemental power from superconductive technologies, a fuel cell stack, wind generators and solar energy, making it the eco-friendliest way to fly. Big structure, little impact!

Designer: Oscar Viñals


  • stephen russell says:

    Love this Oscar, awesome design
    Mass produce
    Id fly in this to London anytime & have cargo under feet for shipping, awesome
    Must for all airlines & air cargo
    Hope airspeed is 800 mph
    Love your aero designs
    Make more
    Make a book, make scale models for sales alone.

  • Andrew says:

    Is there any more information about the design decisions that have been made here?

    Why are the wings separated from the fuselage?
    How do you load cargo? Do you have to crane it over the top of the pilot’s cabin?
    Why have the extra rear wings when there are control surfaces on the flat areas next to the tailfin?
    If not used for cargo space, why do the edges of the fuselage taper to a thin edge? What’s this used for?
    Why not lift the tail assembly so that you can have a constant height cargo bay like the Airbus/Boeing models?

    From an engineering and operational perspective, I think this has a lot of unanswered questions. From a design perspective I think it’s unnecessarily complex and messy. It feels unresolved, like there’s 2 or 3 different designs blended into one without having made clear decisions about the direction of the project.

    Interesting, however.

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