2 minutes is all this portable blender needs to whip up hot and cold drinks!

This highspeed blender makes whipping up your favorite blended beverages on the go, quick and convenient! Efficiently cramming the capabilities of a full-size blender into a conveniently sized flask isn’t an easy feat of design, so it will come as no surprise when I say that this product has been considered in great depth. The motor that is mounted overhead is powered by the 7.4V lithium battery that has been seamlessly integrated into the device. As it’s meant for use outside of the home, it was important for the styling choice to be something that the user is proud of displaying; a clean minimal form has been paired with muted tones and matte material finishes. With it offering the potential of providing us with a freshly blended beverage in just two minutes, we can’t help but love this concept!

Designer: Sun Jin