The Slinky that’s a piggy bank

Ever played with a Slinky? It was my favorite ‘fidget’ from back in the days. Giving it a new lease of life is this Elongation Piggy bank by ShaoJun Zhang. We can call it a whimsical expression of design, because there is no practical affluence when it comes to getting the savings out of the piggy bank. You simply open up the spring and let all the cash tumble out of the seams… literally. Use the slot on the top to pour it all back in!

Designer: ShaoJun Zhang

“The top of the piggy bank is a small tray on which to place spare coins for everyday use, and the excess coins are deposited into the piggy bank. If you only want to get a small amount of coins, just grab the tray on the top with one hand and pull it up to the radian to remove the coins,” ShaoJun Zhang tells Yanko Design.

“When the coin is full, pick up the piggy bank, grab both ends with both hands and pull them apart. The coin will be taken out of the gap easily and quickly. This way of opening and closing makes it easy for people to use the piggy bank while adding a lot of fun for people to withdraw money.”