The AVENSI cup is scientifically engineered to make your coffee taste better…

The industry seems a little partial to spirits, given that wine and scotch have their own glass designs for ideal consumption. Wine glasses are shaped the way they are to maximize the wine-drinking experience. The chalice-shape allows the wine’s aromas to waft to your nose, the wide or narrow rim controls the amount of oxidation, and the long stem prevents your hand’s temperature from altering the wine’s taste. Wine glasses are pretty commonly found everywhere and you could look at a wine glass and instantly know that it isn’t meant for drinking Gatorade or green tea out of. The industry’s partiality to spirits have for a long time limited how you consume your coffee, because just like wine and scotch, coffee is prepared with careful consideration, has incredibly delicate notes and flavor profiles, and is heavily influenced by the temperature it’s consumed at. Up until now we’ve been glugging away our coffee from those boring ceramic coffee mugs and from thermos flasks without realizing that they weren’t designed and engineered to bring out the true flavor of your coffee… that’s until the guys at ICOSA Brewhouse designed the AVENSI, a coffee-glass scientifically engineered for great coffee consumption.

Created in partnership with over 90 expert coffee connoisseurs, baristas, and tasters across 30 countries, with over 12 months of engineering and designing, AVENSI is the wine-glass equivalent for coffee consumption. It uses similar principles to bring out the coffee’s aroma and its flavor profile, so your specially brewed coffee retains its special taste and fragrance. Made with a curved profile to trap the coffee’s aromas, the AVENSI encourages swirling to bring out the coffee’s fragrances, and help reduce its temperature for easier consumption. By enhancing the coffee’s aroma through swirling, you bring out its flavor, because your ability to taste something highly depends on your sense of smell. Designed to promote the act of swirling, AVENSI gets you to experience coffee like never before, through a more ritualistic physical interaction with it, whether it’s the swirling, the sniffing, or the tasting. Fun fact, coffee has over 1000 flavor compounds, whereas most expensive wines have only 250… now THAT’S something to tell your friends if they wonder why you’re swirling your coffee around.

The AVENSI is constructed from hand-blown borosilicate glass, allowing it to remain thin without it being affected by the heat of the coffee. The glass’s thin rim helps you taste coffee better than you would with a thick-walled cup, while its double-walled base not only protects your fingertips from touching the inner hot surface, but also acts as a thermal insulator, retaining your coffee’s temperature for longer. The cups are available in different shape profiles based on the coffee you drink in them. The Vida works for all roasts, while the Senti works better with medium or darker roasts to bring out its nutty earthiness, and the Alto is better suited for lighter roasts, enhancing fruity, citrus-y notes. All glasses showcase the same wide-bellied, double-walled design that’s perfectly calibrated to help you cherish your coffee’s flavor… while its hexagonal-base-to-circular-rim transition is absolutely beautiful to look at, and should easily make for some really interesting Instagram photos! Cheers!

Designer: ICOSA Brewhouse

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AVENSI: A New Category of Coffee Cup for Coffee Lovers

Experience new taste, aroma and flavor with your everyday coffee–a scientifically engineered double-wall coffee glass. Be the first to try this new category of cup that keeps your coffee hot, your hands cool, and enhances the taste and flavor of your coffee like never before.

You Wouldn’t Drink Your Wine Out Of A Plastic Cup

So why drink your coffee from a mug that doesn’t reveal its full potential? The wine and spirit industries have spent decades taking a scientific approach to creating the perfect glass shapes that improve taste, aroma, and flavor.

This is what inspired the AVENSI–a glass that combines the science and engineering of wine and spirit glasses with what was missing from coffee. The result is a new category of coffee cup that allows you to taste and appreciate your coffee in a way never before possible.

Be the first to experience the world’s first patent-pending, scientifically engineered coffee cup that will redefine your coffee ritual.

A masterpiece in glass architecture that marries form and function, blending an interior scientific shape with a sleek exterior design.  The unique anatomy features a single-wall top, fused with a double-wall base.

Whether you prefer to savor the peaceful moment alone or enjoy sharing it with friends and family, the AVENSI will forever transform your coffee drinking experience.

AVENSI Features

With 15 hidden features, the AVENSI is more than just beautifully designed glass.

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Science Behind the World’s Best Coffee Cup

The AVENSI was inspired by the recent scientific and design innovations of wine and spirit glasses. Connoisseurs of these drinks have figured out that the type of glass you serve it in can make or break the entire drinking experience–they consider their glasses the MOST important tool for the fullest appreciation of taste, aroma, and flavor.

Wine and spirit glasses are intentionally designed to alter variables that enhance your drinking experience. The most notable ones are: enhancing aromas, directing liquid to specific locations of your mouth/tongue, speed and flow rate of liquid entering your mouth, and rate of aeration and oxidation which is controlled by the surface area exposed to air.

We saw what was missing from coffee cups, and took inspiration from wine and spirit glasses to create something that has never been done in the coffee world.

From Quick Consumption to An Immersive Experience

AVENSI is the world’s first coffee cup that allows you to do something no other cup can. Its unique shape allows you to turn coffee drinking from quick consumption to an immersive experience through swirling.

This unlocks 2 revolutionary flavor upgrades that will redefine how you taste and experience coffee. Similar to wine and spirits glasses, swirling amplifies your coffee’s flavor through taste and aroma.

90% of what we perceive as flavor comes from our sense of smell. To design a coffee glass that enhances flavor, it had to enhance aroma. The shape of the glass maximizes the surface area of your coffee when you swirl. This simple action isn’t just fun, swirling aerates your coffee revealing a spectrum of dormant aromas and flavors hiding in your brew that are normally lost in an ordinary mug.

The “Diffusion Chamber” captures the rich bouquet of aromas and delivers them to your mouth and nose.

The shape of the glass is optimized to direct the flow of coffee perfectly onto your tongue. Similar to high end wine and spirit glasses, the AVENSI also has an ultra thin rim, which is 1/3 the thickness of ordinary coffee cups. This maximizes the flow of coffee onto your tongue, immersing your palate with rich flavors in every sip.

This is a special experience that most coffee drinkers haven’t yet had the chance to discover. It’s made possible by temperature control and temperature retention.

Coffee is a very unique drink because it exhibits deliciously different flavor profiles at different temperatures. As your coffee cools, there’s a brief window of time at each temperature where you can experience those unique flavor notes.

In other words, at 65 degrees Celsius your coffee may taste nutty, caramelized and chocolaty with hints of brown sugar, but at 45 degrees Celsius that same coffee may taste smooth and sweet, with hints of citrus and blueberry.

But most people miss out on this experience. That’s because traditional mugs either cool your coffee too fast or keep it hot for too long. You have no control.

The AVENSI does something no other cup can: it turns coffee drinking into an active experience by allowing you to control the temperature through swirling. While the hybrid thermal wall retains your desired drinking temperature for longer.

The AVENSI does something no other cup can: it turns coffee drinking into an active experience by allowing you to control the temperature through swirling. While the hybrid thermal wall retains your desired drinking temperature for longer.

This extends the window of time for the flavors you want to experience, and transforms a typical coffee drinking into an immersive ritual where you’ll enjoy discovering new flavors in every cup.

The AVENSI Ritual

The AVENSI Ritual is composed of four simple steps that reconnect you with your senses and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the beautiful experience of enjoying your coffee.

Below: The AVENSI Complete Set – senti, vida, alto

A summary of the glasses and their properties

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