These child-friendly products are designed to solve your parenting troubles!

They say the moment you become a parent, your life changes irrevocably. Every parent wants what is the best for their children, however old they are (my mom still tries to make me do things using the same excuse) and add to it a designer parent, and you know the child will use products that have that delicate balance of fun, innovation to eco-friendly and safe designs that will make them the envy of every other parent on the block. Here’s presenting a collection of designs, from copper embedded cribs, lego-friendly furniture to clothes that grow with your child and more, that uniquely balance your needs while maintaining an aesthetic appeal that works for the adults as well!

The Argo Crib uses copper weaving to protect young children from electromagnetic radiation by Ludwig & Dominique with the Paris-based Studio Noir Vif 

Petit Pli uses a set of permanent folds that let clothes “unpack” when pulled, so they stretch over children as they get bigger by Ryan Mario Yasin

The crib, from the Swing collection, transforms into a bed by removing the rails making a perfect transition for kids and extends the lifespan of the entire collection well into childhood as designed by Micuna 

Studa furniture that lets you stick your Lego Bricks when not being used in construction otherwise by Studio Nine 

A perfect bunk bed for kids all age by Aenny Chung 

Moto Rocker brings a twist on the “rocking horse” this design is modeled after cafe racers of yesteryear and feature old-school headlights, taillights and “125CC engines” to get little ones excited by Felix Monza 

The Rockwell Bassinet that rocks and soothes while the baby is sleeping by Monte Design 

Boida Table is a coffee table that holds your books or your baby by Kunsik Choi 

The Rock & Roller by Luma Goods Co. is a fun, innovative toy that transforms from a rocker to a walker and then to a roller

The SWOODZ collection helps kids build their own vehicles or vehicular hybrids by VITO Design