Discovering Musical Culture

One of my favorite things about visiting new cities is being able to soak up the unique musical culture that exists within each individual place. The Insono focuses this idea into an aesthetically playful and easy to use location-based mp3 player that gives local unsigned artists the chance to broadcast their music and users the chance to experience the musical soundtrack unique to their new surroundings , enhancing their overall connection and affinity for the culture.

The device uses GPS and track-tagging technology to broadcast local musician’s songs specific to each neighborhood, creating a “soundtrack to life” in each area the user visits. To find out more information about a song, the user simply presses the “info” button to receive the artist’s name, track titles, as well as where and when the artist will be performing. A great way for local artists to expand their fan-base while providing the listener with a deeper appreciation of the newfound environment.

Designer: Josh Liandu

‘INSONO’ from Josh Liandu on Vimeo.