Not just another regular looking mechanical pencil…

Rather sardonically titled “Not Just Another Black Pencil”, Matteo Ercole’s pencil design is everything a stationery-lover wants. Bringing an avant-garde design to mechanical lead pencils, Ercole’s concept is as luxurious and desirable as most state-of-the-art collector-edition fountain pens are. With a thick, robust metal body, complete with an anodized finish and a matching-tone speckle (just like you’d see in professional camera bodies), Not Just Another Black Pencil is a delight to look at, as the light gently bounces off its satin-finish body, and I imagine it’s a pleasure to grip too, with the cold metal feeling just great against your fingertips.

The pencil comes with a standard 3.15mm lead inside it, secured with a rose-gold crown that rotates to tighten or loosen its grip on the lead. The lead exits the metal body early, and is then held in place with an additional metal clip, giving the pen its unique silhouette, while creating that bit of intrigue and reveal that makes you absolutely fall in love with this incredibly alluring piece of stationery!

Designer: Matteo Ercole