The World’s Most Affordable Thermostat!

Global warming has a strange way of working. While theoretically it means the earth’s average surface temperature is increasing, there are some places that are seeing a decrease in temperatures. In short, homes will now be forced to have either an air conditioner or a heater in them.

The Egloo has an incredibly pleasant, effective, and ingenious way of battling low temperatures. It uses regular tea light candles to generate heat that’s powerful enough to raise the temperature of a large room by 2-3° in just half an hour. Made out of terracotta, this nifty device has two domes that trap the candle heat between them, releasing it through a small orifice on the top. No electricity, no batteries, just a bunch of tea-light candles that cost 10 cents a day to make your room pleasantly toasty!

Egloo manages to do something rather marvelous. It replaces an expensive appliance that wastes electricity with an alternative that is easy to use and is made from natural materials. Terracotta as a material is nothing short of a wonderful choice for the Egloo. It has the ability to absorb and dissipate not just heat but even cold (for centuries, Indian households relied on terracotta pots to keep their drinking water colder than room temperature). With the Egloo, all you need is a couple of candles and the terracotta does the rest of the magic. In fact, it continues heating your room long after the candles have burnt out! (Psst… you can swap regular candles for scented ones to set the temperature as well as the mood!)

Egloo’s design gets full marks too. Its shape while designed for efficiency, is cute and looks good both indoors and outdoors. The terracotta looks great in its naked color but is also available in colored matte, glazed as well as ripple textured variants. Made entirely out of clay with just a single metal grid, the Egloo comes at an incredibly reasonable price and if maintained, can last forever! Find me another well-designed, everlasting, environment-friendly $53 room-heater. I dare you!

Designer: Marco Zagaria

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