Wall-Ti Tap power strip reminds us of the Muji CD Player

I forgive you for mistaking the Wall-Ti Tap Power Strip as a famous CD player by Muji – let’s slide this by as inspiration – the purpose of the power strip is completely different than a music player. Typically, we see long devices with multiple sockets and switches, but the Wall-Ti Tap has an amusing donut form. You are expected to fit the plugs in the inner wall of the circle, while you can wirelessly charge your phone on top of the device.

Designer: Eunsang Lee

“Unlike the typical cuboid power strips, this power strip has a doughnut-shaped design. The round shaped power strip can be put vertically, so it reduces the problems of dust getting into the sockets,” explained Eunsang Lee.

“It is also practical because the power strip can be rotated, so it is easier to plug devices into the socket outlet. Also the following details are designed for two types of usage, which is putting it on a desk or hanging it on a wall,” she continued.

Wireless charging.