Guessing Game is Back!

What is this, a telescope? A sound machine? Hmmmm…it’s a Sony for sure!

Can anyone guess what this is?

Every year Sony holds a workshop for design students in China. Their current theme is ECONNECT, the emotional connection with products and environmental responsibilities like recycling. Keeping this in mind, designer Shen Hao Cheng, designed the Sony Echo, a device that records the life story of a secondhand product. The idea is that we all recycle our stuff, be it furniture or gadgets, and in its course with us, we tend to get emotionally attached to them. The Echo allows you to record your story with the product and the specifically devised stamp allows the new owner to retrieve significant information about the product.

Kinda like a biography of a special chair…mine will have to be these special loveseats that I bought for my marriage and they are now ready for a new home. Heck, the new owner will love to hear my stories for sure!

Designer: Shen Hao Cheng