The Intermodality writing desk was inspired by the beauty of a grand piano

Inspired by the prominent role and place of grand pianos in homes, the Intermodality desk is just as grand. With a design that follows the cues of the large instrument, the desk comes with a similar shape, size, and even features a large lid that opens sideways, like in a grand piano. Standing on three legs, like the musical instrument, the Intermodality desk is crafted from antiqued plywood, and features copper trimmings near the handles and at the base of the legs, adding a touch of finesse to the desk’s grand design.

The desk comes with five drawers on the front, ample writing space on top, and an additional four storage cabinets at the back, under the lid. The plywood’s 2D nature results in the desk having a chamfered, low-poly origami-esque design rather than curves like a wooden piano. This immediately gives it a sense of differentiation, making it look instantly recognizable but also unique at the same time!

The Intermodality Desk is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Attila Stromajer