This non-electric, auto refilling water bowl keeps your cat always hydrated

Designed to give cats (as well as their human owners) the most aesthetic and comfortable drinking experience, the KittySpring is a great example of pet-centric design that also helps uplift and complement human spaces. The KittySpring is perhaps the most clean, pristine, and borderline luxurious drinking experience your cat can have. Inspired by nature and designed with minimalist/zen sensibilities in mind, the KittySpring is an auto-refilling water-bowl that looks great and gives your cats a wonderful drinking experience. It comes with a vertical reservoir and a flat water bowl that automatically gets refilled with fresh water from the reservoir as your cat drinks away.

The KittySpring provides continuous fresh water for your cat, unlike regular water bowls that sit for long, allowing the water to go stale. Made from materials that are 100% food safe and easy to clean, the KittySpring uses a refillable bottle that supplies water to a transparent bowl (with a pebble-shaped cover). The water passes through a stainless steel filter to ensure purity, giving your cats fresh drinking water whenever they need it. As the bowl empties, it automatically gets replenished by the reservoir using a unique gravitational system that’s completely noise-free since it doesn’t run on an electrical motor. The bottle and bowl are easy to clean too, and can be rinsed with soap-water or even placed in a dishwasher for thorough cleaning. The stainless steel filter, on the other hand, lasts for years without needing replacement.

The KittySpring’s most striking feature has to be its aesthetic. Designed to beautifully complement spaces, the drinking bowl (some may call it a water fountain) sports a beautiful minimalist aesthetic, with a rippled clear drinking bowl that creates wonderful caustic patterns on the floor below. Designed for humans and cats alike, the KittySpring is made from robust materials and features a non-slip mat that makes it difficult to knock over. All in all, it provides a great drinking experience for your feline friend, with a wide bowl that’s big enough for two cats and shallow enough to keep their whiskers from getting wet, and a great experience for humans too, as the bowl promptly auto-fills on its own, so you don’t have to rush to fulfill the whims and demands of your fussy feline. Your cat overlord will surely be impressed!

Designer: Rayman Wu of Desimore

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KittySpring – The Most Cat-friendly Water Fountain

The KittySpring keeps your cat always hydrated with this non-electric & whisker-friendly water fountain, without having to refresh their bowls constantly.

“It all started with Oscar, our founder’s cat, who developed kidney problems because of dehydration. After long months of painful struggle, Oscar began to recover. To celebrate his comeback and help our furry friends stay away from such problems, we came up with KittySpring,” says CEO Rayman Wu.

Features & Benefits

Enough Water Every Day – KittySpring ensures it satisfies the daily need for a cup of fresh water (0.8 oz/lb) for 2 whole days. Licking water from KittySpring’s shallow and wide dish design ensures your cat’s whiskers never brush against it and never hurt because of whisker stress.

Must-meow fact #1. If cats don’t drink about a cup of fresh water every day, they can quickly develop problems with kidneys and urinary tract, diabetes and other diseases.

Must-meow fact #2. Cats’ whiskers are sensitive. They can even hurt when brushing against a bowl, resulting in condition a.k.a whisker stress of fatigue.

Non-electric, just gravity.

Silent like a sweet nap. KittySpring has no motor, which means no scary noises for your cat and a quiet night’s sleep for you.

Good for many cats. KittySpring can serve water not only to one but even two cats.

Hard to knock over. No more puddles of water.

No need to replace the filter. The built-in stainless steel filter lasts for years.

Easy to install and clean. Simply unbox it, fill the bottle with water and place it in any corner of your house. No plugs, no cables needed!

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $58 (40% off). Hurry, only 21/1350 left! Raised over $170,000.