The Luft travel chess-set uses special silicon bands and the pebbles you can find!

There’s a rustic charm to Luft’s travel-friendly version of chess, which involves not precisely carved wooden, ivory, or plastic pieces, but small rocks with position-specific headgear on them! Drawing back to chess’s roots (in the Indian subcontinent), Luft explores playing chess with rudimentary objects rather than with fine, finished models. The board is a flexible leather mat, while the chess pieces are, in fact, tiny pebbles that you collect from around you while you’re outdoors. Just put the silicone bands around the pebbles and you’re ready to play crude, creative chess!

Designed by Omri Hillel, Luft is a solution to people who want to carry their board games around in a portable avatar without compromising on the quality of gameplay. Luft is, in that regard, every bit a chess set… but is visually the most unusually fun chess set ever made!

Designer: Omri Hillel