This futuristic 3-in-1 mobility concept comes with a thrilling ‘roller coaster’ mode

The congested roads that line our cities are filled with countless vehicles that contain only a single occupant, resulting in unnecessarily busy roads and longer commute times. Whilst car-sharing services and compact two-seaters have attempted to tackle this problem, none of the proposed solutions have been able to persuade people to leave their comfort zone. However, this Mobility-R3 concept may just be the dramatic change that gets people moving!

This futuristic concept adapts to the user’s needs as it transforms between three forms (Regular, Roaming & Roller Coaster mode) of transports! First off, the roaming mode brings flexibility to the device, allowing the user to explore the city streets in style. When it comes to hitting the road, the larger section of the device connects to the wheels providing an enclosure for the user to be seated within. If they are seeking a thrill then R3 can take on its final form, the appropriately named ‘Roller Coaster Mode’ wherein the seat reclines to create a streamlined form that cuts through the busy streets and introduces an element of excitement to the journey!

Designer: Dennis Cheng

Regular Mode

Roller Coaster Mode

Roaming Mode