I wouldn’t put it past Elon Musk to release a Tesla Phone

Tesla already has a pretty unconventionally diverse merchandise division. From shirts to phone chargers, Tesla’s stores have them all… With even the occasional Tesla surfboard. It’s difficult to really fathom what goes on in Elon’s mind, which is probably why Martin Hajek’s concept Tesla smartphone isn’t out of the ordinary.

Titled the Model P, the smartphone is visually a class apart, with its curved top and bottom design, resembling a car in top-view. Every detail on the phone has its roots in car design, be it the phone’s silhouette, to the ridge running along the phone’s back, much like the details seen on the car’s hood and sides, to even the camera, which resembles a headlight, with its distinct shape. The phone comes in Tesla’s iconic brand-red, and even has a carbon-fiber trim near the charging point. To top it all off, the screen on the front doesn’t have a notch or a hole-punch camera… It, in fact, has a detail that any keen Tesla-lover would immediately recognize! In signature Tesla fashion, the camera sits in a curved detail that resembles the grille on the Model S and X. Very classy, Martin! Very classy!

Designer: Martin Hajek