Motion ActiVAD™ GT Wing System Drift!

Intense title for this thang. It’s the “Motion ActiVAD™ GT Wing System,” and it’s not messing around. It’s a back-wing, aka a spoiler for a car (or a truck, or whatever strikes your fancy.) It’s got all the features of the best current spoilers in the street-legal (and illegal) sports car industry, but it’s got a trick to it. It moves! In accordance with sensors installed in several places in the vehicle, the wing changes position in real-time.

Motion Activad stands for Motion Active Vehicle AeroDynamics. It adjusts height and angle in real-time for optimum aerodynamics. That means you hit the ground runnin’. The auto adjustments “provide the vehicle with the optimum angle of attack at the right height in order to achieve the require amount of down-force to maintain the right traction for greater performance.”

It recognizes sprint/drag mode, drift mode, and whatever other mode you make up. Probably not hot-lava mode. But most modes. Oh, and, it fits on most any sports-car just like any other ordinary custom GT Wing.

This product will come into production as early as 2010.

We’re in the future!

Designer: Marvin Wong Ting Kuok