Motion ActiVAD™ GT Wing System Drift!

Intense title for this thang. It’s the “Motion ActiVAD™ GT Wing System,” and it’s not messing around. It’s a back-wing, aka a spoiler for a car (or a truck, or whatever strikes your fancy.) It’s got all the features of the best current spoilers in the street-legal (and illegal) sports car industry, but it’s got a trick to it. It moves! In accordance with sensors installed in several places in the vehicle, the wing changes position in real-time.

Motion Activad stands for Motion Active Vehicle AeroDynamics. It adjusts height and angle in real-time for optimum aerodynamics. That means you hit the ground runnin’. The auto adjustments “provide the vehicle with the optimum angle of attack at the right height in order to achieve the require amount of down-force to maintain the right traction for greater performance.”

It recognizes sprint/drag mode, drift mode, and whatever other mode you make up. Probably not hot-lava mode. But most modes. Oh, and, it fits on most any sports-car just like any other ordinary custom GT Wing.

This product will come into production as early as 2010.

We’re in the future!

Designer: Marvin Wong Ting Kuok


  • Jack says:

    i can’t really see how this is useful?
    most cars professional or ameture about racing will stick to one class of racing. Also normal wings are adjustable anyway, and having hyrolics is just more weight so racers aren’t going to go for that.
    Its a good idea but its nothing that new, the bugatti veyron has a hydrolic wing, many sports cars do, I think it would be a good product but its nothing to great sorry

    • Scot says:

      You’re right, most people that will install this product are part of the “if it don’t go, chrome it” crowd.

      I can’t speak for road racing classes but for many drag racing classes a little weight over my slicks is tolerable. And the little boy in me has to admit that activating the air brake mode at 125 mph in the speed traps would be so cool since I can’t afford a Veyron.

      • M.S.W. says:

        Just be sure to add some extra structural support below the mount points under the trunk lid. Otherwise the “air brake” mode activation at 125 MPH will probably make that wing rip itself off ( and perhaps the trunk lid along with it)

    • Krokko says:

      Nothing that new? Ok! So let me know where I can find something similar for my street car…
      Please try to understand that track racing is not the only way to be a car enthusiast. And remember: moving wings, in car racing, are just forbidden.

      • Randomhero says:

        apexi actually have or atleast had (think it’s discontinued now) a system like this, it’s just the bottom part tho, so you’ll have to get your wing-blade yourself, but i guess that’s not neccesearly a bad thing

  • creative says:

    damn this is cool.. Active aerodynamica is the future!

  • paman says:

    Oh great i cna’t wait to see this craptasic piece of shit on all the latest 20 year old beater-ricer-wannabe’s.

    Th eonly useful wing on any production vehicle exists on the Veyron; it’s an important part of that vehicle as a whole. This, however, is fail.

  • M.S.W. says:

    Cool mechanism. Curious since the designers website is still under construction, question for the designer would be are these renderings the final form of the concept? Or are they meant to reveal the inner workings of the mechanism? Since without proper coverings (ie: rubber boot, flextube)

    • M.S.W. says:

      As I was saying without proper covering to the mechanism the transforming mechanism would always cause drag. Not to mention make it easy to be mucked up by the weather. (dirt,rain, snow)

  • Keith says:

    The only way I could see this as being useful is to adjust the angle of attack going into corners and straights. As if the driver doesn’t have enough to do already.

  • phrancis says:

    Besides the Veyron, the Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4 / Dodge Stealth had active aerodynamics in front and back over 10 years ago. They were heavy complicated cars and that idea of an automatic variable pitch spoiler never caught on (besides super cars).

  • res says:

    i was thinking about a spoiler that follows steering actions (in opposite way certainly), acting like a rudder. it might help to keep the car stable in long sweeping corners at really high speeds.

  • J Dizzle says:

    HAHAHA awesome! Now mount it to decklid of a front wheel drive Asian model so it’s totally and completely useless!

  • how much the prize

  • Jeeva says:

    How much is the price ? Pls.

  • Rone says:

    Want to install on my car…where and how can i get it?

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