Your Personal Time Lapse Tool


Unleash your creativity with Hobie, the phone accessory designed to make awesome time lapses! All you have to do is pick your perspective, insert your smartphone inside and start filming. You can also choose if you want keep a fixed or moving point of view, because Hobie allows you to record moving videos from a 360 degree POV. Its small dimensions make it easy to bring it with you every day, without the need for bulky tripods… but if you want, it can also be equipped on your tripod, multiplying the ways you can use it!

Designer: Overlab






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  • Caleb says:

    My name is Caleb I am a underwater journalist and photographer. I am intrigued of your concept for the mobile phone to record timelapse. I wanted to reach out and see if I would be able to test one out for you over a month or twos times. I would love to use it to capture timelapse above and below water if possible. I have a rig for my Nikon D800 and tripod, but this devise would allow great flexibility in placement. Please let me know if I can help promote your product with real world reviews and consumer test.

    Thanks for your time,
    Caleb Calloway

    E: [email protected]

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