This solar-powered trailer pops-up to embrace multi-purpose living in your Cybertruck!

Tesla Cybertruck is going to hit the roads later this year or maybe early 2022, and people who’ve booked the next-gen MUV are already mustering up the ways in which they’ll make judicious use of their machine. One use case scenario is towing a trailer on the back of the Cybertruck for adventure trips. Even better is to have a collapsible camper that fits right in the vault (the bed of Cybertruck). Meet the Cyberlandr, a telescopic pop-up camper attachment for the Cybertruck which almost pans double the height of the truck when fully retracted vertically.

Similar to the Cybertruck, the Cyberlandr does away with external door handles and opens when an authorized person puts the foot on the steps or gains access via the compatible app. On the inside, the minimalistic pop-up camper has a very airy feel to it, thanks to the dual-pane windows with electrochromic dimming when required. It even makes space for a bathroom (with a showerhead and self-cleaning dry flush toilet) and a multi-use living area which can be used as a section for the kitchen, office work, or night sleep. For this, the kitchen utility comes in the form of a counter with a large sink, dual induction burners embedded in the cooktop, and a refrigerator. Once you no longer require meal prepping, the pair of lounge chairs can be used for your work or simply having some rest – it even has two pivoting desks. When the nighttime hits, the chairs unfold meticulously into a sleeping area as they morph into a double bed.

To ensure you have a comfy space to relax, the compact all-season camper comes with heated floors, a voice-activated faucet, 32-inch TV, and a 4-stage water filtration system. All this equipment is powered by the 500-watts of slide-out solar roofs, one on top of the other. One of them extends beyond the edge of the camper, doubling as an overhead shade for the entrance section.

The total weight of the accessory is around 1,360 pounds and it only affects 5 percent of the Cybertruck’s total driving range – way better than some of the other camper trailers designed for the Tesla’s truck that also add to the aerodynamic drag. Cyberlandr however, doesn’t add any drag since it retracts into the truck’s bed. The retractable trailer can be booked with a security deposit of just $100, and taking that up higher to $5,000 will give you preference over others. The pop-up trailer will cost $49,995 in total, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing it in action when the Cyber truck hits the roads!

Designer: Cyberlandr