The Lamborghini Forsennato concept brings the company back to its supercar roots

After a string of incredibly drool-worthy supercars with Lamborghini’s signature wild-bull attitude, the company forayed into something more consumer-friendly and road legal with the Urus, an SUV design that was a departure from the Italian company’s supercar-heavy catalog. While it made great business sense, it left a lot of Lambo-aficionados wanting for more.

Designed as a tribute to Lamborghini’s incredible brand DNA and some spectacular looking automobiles, as well as a reminder of all the good work the company has done developing their supercar aesthetic, this is the Forsennato, a conceptual car created by Dmitry Lazarev, that combines the best parts of Lamborghini’s designs from the past couple of years.

At first glance, you see headlights that are a hat tip to the unconventional line-based headlights of the Terzo Millennio, while the entire front profile definitely reminds one of the Aventador with a little extra edginess. The taillights follow the design direction set by the Veneno, and carried forward with the Terzo Millennio. The car’s pentagonal wheel pattern is fairly signature Lamborghini too, while the dual-colored body isn’t something the Italian company has tinkered with much, but undoubtedly looks spectacular on this beast of an automobile! And what does Forsennato mean, you ask? A simple Google Translate search yielded the word ‘Madman’, which I’d have to say is a pretty strange-yet-suited name for this absolute hell-raiser!

Designer: Dmitry Lazarev