GPS Guided Dog

Guide Dogs for the blind folks generally come trained for taking them around the neighborhood and maybe an extra distance. This surely curtails mobility and independence in case they want to explore more than their usual territory. The Peepo GPS Device gives these people a certain degree of freedom to travel beyond the normal route. The GPS system charts the course and guides the dog to the desired destination using a series of vibrations to steer him.

The two-part device comprises of a handheld GPS unit, which uses vocal commands to register the destination and map it. The second attaches to the guide dog’s handle and gives subtle directions via vibration zones; L= Left, R= Right, F= Forward and up on arriving the destination, the zones simultaneously vibrate.

The biggest USP of this device is that it has a touch “return home same way function”, which is quite reassuring.

Designer: Jason Perkins

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Peepo GPS Device For Guide Dogs by Jason Perkins

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