This nifty gadget turns your cutlery or flatware into instant tongs

The Anytongs are for two broad categories of people – A. People who don’t own tongs but would like to, and B. People who own way too many tongs that take up crucial kitchen-drawer space with their wide V-shaped profiles. Designed so that you can snap your existing spoons and forks to its form, the Anytongs can turn your cutlery and flatware into a pair of instant tongs.

The Anytongs were made to be a smaller, more universal alternative to the tongs you use and own. Its compact design lets it easily occupy less than half the space of your pair of tongs, while the ability to slot your own spoons and forks into it means you can use it for anything from grilling and flipping, to serving and stirring. A well-calibrated torsion-spring sits at one end of the Anytongs, giving it a wonderful snappy-springy experience that makes it incredibly easy to use, while rubber pads on its tips allow for comfortable use.

The hallmark of the Anytongs (as its name really suggests) is the ability to use any flatware with it. A universal slotting detail built into the Anytongs lets you slide most of your flatware in, turning your spoons and forks into a pair of fully-functional tongs you can use for flipping meats on the grill, tossing salads, or draining out pasta. Unlike most tongs, the Anytongs offer the ability to use the cutlery of your choice, choosing between two spoons, two forks, or a combination of a fork and spoon based on your need. You can even easily swap flatware out to prevent cross-contamination, using a separate pair of cutlery for meats, and for salads, or for cooking and for serving. If that means being able to use your fancy flatware as tongs to impress your guests, so be it!

The Anytongs come in a single size that fits almost all your standard flatware. The slotting detail comes with a rubberized surface to keep your flatware in place, preventing it from accidentally falling out while you’re serving; and its robust construction is designed to be able to lift as much as 15 pounds worth in one go… although I’ll just go ahead and assume nobody’s grilling a 15lb steak in their household!

Designer: Anytongs

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Anytongs: Instantly Turn Your Flatware Into Kitchen Tongs

Anytongs save you space, reduce clutter, simplify cleanup and always have a pair of tongs ready any time.

Why have multiple clunky tongs when you can simply use the forks and spoons you already have? Turn those hearty meats, stir some noodles, and serve that delicious salad. You’ll always have tongs ready when you need them with Anytongs.

Easy to Use

Anytongs uses tension strength to easily and quickly attach a wide range of flatware. It’s specially designed to ensure your flatware stays in place securely while in use. The rubberized slots are tapered to fit flat styled handles various widths, shapes and even curves.

Reduce Clutter & Save Space

Multiple tongs using your existing flatware without having all the extra clunkiness taking up precious storage in your kitchen.

Helps Keep Away Foodborne Illness

Health and food experts agree that using the same kitchen utensils to prepare meats and vegetables increases the risk of cross-contamination. Switching out for freshly clean tongs is effective food handling hygiene that helps stop the spread of foodborne illnesses.

The Design

The unique attachment method securely keeps your flatware in place and the fine-tuned torque hinge operates smoothly for maximum control, precision, and comfort.

– Super strong
– Complements your flatware
– Small footprint
– Ergonomic form for comfort
– Perfect tension

Anytongs Flatware Demo

They have done countless testing on a wide range of flat shaped flatware and here’s just a small sample of the many different styles and shapes Anytongs works great with.

Anytongs Handles The Pressure

Feel confident your flatware will stay in place withstanding nearly 12lbs of pressure.

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