This sink adjusts to your water needs

Space isn’t readily available within the tightly packed apartments that make up the urban cities of today, so every square inch of space must be put to optimum use. This is where the benefits of this neat, water-saving sink really shine! This seemingly regular sink houses an adjustable partition plate that can be used to reduce the volume of the sink; this reduction in space doesn’t just limit the amount of water required, but simultaneously creates a draining board, freeing-up valuable space on the workspace.

It’s designs like this sink that makes us question why something so unique and seemingly obvious hasn’t existed before; it solves the space-related issue that is present within the compact homes of many of us whilst also combatting the growing water usage epidemic!

The Water-Saving Sink is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Tsang Ching Pun