The TV that’s designed to look incredible and sounds immense!

We are often so fixated by the visuals presented on the screen of our television, that we can find ourselves dismissing the design that went into the device itself. Whilst this may seem unnecessary as we stare vacantly at the screen, the TV remains the centerpiece of the room even when it is turned off and all you see is a blank void.

Wave is a beautifully designed TV that makes for a decorative addition to the room even when it is not in use; the almost frame-less design balances upon the feature-full stand, where a central dial creates ripples in the translucent section, creating an element of visual suspense that elevates the design beautifully.

Wave doesn’t just look incredible, but it has been designed to sound immense, as well! A low-frequency subwoofer has been positioned in the center of the base; the sound that is generated is then scattered throughout television by multiplying through the surface!

Designer: Sinan Anayurt

“When devices are hidden behind the TV, thanks to the transparency of the glass, they do not lose their relationships with their controllers,” says Anayurt.

“The center body has all of the inputs that bring to the one point. With this body, cables are not going to be seen,” explains Anayurt.