A stylish hard-case that’s worthy of protecting your favorite timepiece

For the most part, the watch has perhaps one of the best packaging solutions… The wrist! When you’re wearing the watch, you’re essentially carrying it, protecting it from theft or misplacement, and every once in a while, using it. There are times, however, when you have to take the watch off your wrist. Maybe to wear a fitness tracker, or because you’re traveling and you don’t want to wear the watch, or perhaps the most common of all, you’re on the beach or in the pool. What do you do then?

Watch cases have existed for a while now, but mostly in relative obscurity. After all, they’re less of a product and more of a means to an end. Vario’s watch travel case, however, steps up the game, with a nice, nifty, hard-case for your watch that’s impact-resistant and waterproof. Made with a nylon hard-shell on the outside, Vario’s case protects your expensive timepiece against accidental scuffs, pressure from stuff kept on top of it, and/or careless impacts. A velvet lining on the inside makes sure the watch’s glass/crystal never gets scratched or the watch damaged.

The Watch Case’s design and form makes it accommodating of all watches… even smartwatches or fitness wearables. Its donut shape and spacious design allow you to conveniently store your wrist-piece in it, no matter how bulky or sleek, while making sure the product doesn’t rattle or shift around when you’re carrying the case. Moreover, since it’s made for travel, the case also integrates a mesh-lined pocket for your earphones, giving you the ability to store two everyday essentials in the same pouch.

Whether it’s your Fitbit, Apple Watch, a fancy Rolex, or one of the many hundred analog/hybrid/disruptive/innovative watches we’ve covered, Vario’s convenient little case will carry them all. If you’re a serial watch-procurer, having two or three of these may just be the best idea, or even perfect for storing just any extra watch-straps you may have with you… While additionally even serving rather useful for stashing your earphones and sparing you the torturous ordeal of having to untangle earphone wires in public after you carried them around in your pocket!

Designer: Ivan Chua

Click Here to Buy Now: $16 $20 (20% off). Use Code – “YANKO20”. Hurry, Offer Ends on Tuesday, May 28th, midnight PST. Free Shipping on orders above $25.

Click Here to Buy Now: $16 $20 (20% off). Use Code – “YANKO20”. Hurry, Offer Ends on Tuesday, May 28th, midnight PST. Free Shipping on orders above $25.