A By-the-people, For-the-people Leather Bag


What I love about crowdfunding campaigns is that when they’re done right, they create this tight-knit community where maker and consumer coexist in appreciation of one another. Much like an indie musician with a small, loyal fanbase; campaigners too have a close relationship with the people they serve, often listening to the feedback that comes from them, and creating the most consumer-centric products ever. Crowdfunding has let Jared Morse amass a worldwide fanbase for his leather products who actively participate in the design process, offering critical feedback to create high-quality, low-cost, consumer-driven leather gear.

The Sitka Messenger Bag is a result of that feedback. Designed with an aesthetic that’s literally a class apart, the Sitka is the perfect bag for work, no matter what it is you do. Built with loads of space on the inside, the Sitka lets you efficiently store your laptop along with notebooks, chargers, and is even space-optimized for fitting DSLRs. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it like a messenger or a briefcase, depending on your choice and style. It even integrates a back-strap that lets you fasten it to your luggage, making it easier to carry around on business trips or at the airport.

The Sitka’s characteristic look is thanks to its use of full-grain buffalo leather. The aesthetic it lends to the bag is vastly different from other types of leathers. The bag comes with a patina of its own, giving it a much more matured look than other leather bags, and each bag sports a different patina, making it unique. The thick buffalo leather also brings a rugged durability to the Sitka, so it’s truly as tough and enduring as it looks.

Developed alongside the Sitka, you’ve even got the Katmai 13″ MacBook portfolio, the Kenai Minimalist Wallet, and the Denali Gear Pouch, all designed to cater to every patron’s need. Each product boasts of impeccable craftsmanship and the same buffalo leather, making sure they look like a part of the family when carried together, and stand apart as unique, premium, well-crafted products when used independently!

Designer: Jared Morse of Kodiak Leather

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Optional Padded Camera Case Insert


Padded insert with removable dividers turns this into the perfect camera bag. Laptop still fits in bag with padded insert installed.


Backpack conversion also available!


Wide base gives plenty of storage space on interior.


Padded laptop sleeve on the back wall opens up more space for cords, paperwork, tablet or other accessories


2 Color Options


Antique Brown (left) and Dark Walnut (right)


Katmai 13″ MacBook Portfolio


Kenai Wallet, Denali Gear Pouch and Leather Cord Wrap.

Click here to Buy Now: $199.00 $299.00