London Brick Ashtray by Tom Morgan & Kim Thome

The exterior ashtray is a product that has been around for some time, yet the design of these products has been very much neglected. With the market of such products escalating due to government legislation, the styling and design led answer to the problem is necessary. London Ash is that answer, a premier product in the new styling of the outdoor social environment. London Ash is a wall-mounted ashtray intended for use in outdoor public spaces or indoor private areas. It is fashioned on the iconic London Brick. The product is for extinguishing and disposal of tobacco products.

Designer: Tom Morgan & Kim Thome [ Product Page ]


  • Mark says:

    Nice design.. but you forgot to think abou a long rain, in london especially.. it is definitely not rainproof:(

  • Mark King says:

    Drain holes and against the wall is dry… got them in my beer garden and my punters love them, looks great and fit into my pubs character. At £40 each they are not cheep but the quality holds out and they are made locally like my beer!

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