A modular shelving unit that requires no screws!

Each person’s home is individual to them. So, what they require from the furniture within it is also unique, yet we make-do with generic ‘off-the-shelf’ units and work around their flaws. But what if this was reversed? What if the shelving changed to suit our everchanging needs? Well, that’s exactly what Kurio was designed to do, as it offers a beautifully simple, modular shelving solution!

Targeted for use by individuals in modern and sophisticated dwellings, Kurio is a decorative piece of wall-art that caters to the individual’s needs; the thin aluminum panels interconnect when placed within the vertical and horizontal slots. What makes this so appealing and clean is the absence of screws and fixtures, allowing for the configuration to be adjusted on the fly!

Not only does Kurio carry an element of functionally, but it also acts as a striking piece of wall-art that introduces a pop of color into the room!

The Kurio is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2019.

Designer: Markus Hofko of Von Morgen

“The basic idea is inspired by the Cabinets Of Curiosities (hence the name Kurio) of the late renaissance. These wooden cabinets were shelfing systems with various boxes of different sizes, to hold objects of wonder from all around the world and juxtapose them in intriguing arrangements. These and similar concepts of showcases of the 70s and 80s were fixed in their design. Kurio in comparison is a modular system and can be changed and re-arranged with ease,” said Markus Hofko.