You can wear the PRIM backpack any way you like

It’s just incredibly nice to have a bag that’s accommodating to your needs. A bag that isn’t too big when you’re carrying a small bunch of things, or isn’t too small when you’ve got loads of stuff to tug around. A bag that shapeshifts based on how you want to carry it, and has dedicated spaces for everything you need to carry.

The PRIM, for most parts, is such a bag. It’s not daringly avant-garde, it isn’t boringly mundane either. It’s just right. Slim, slick, yet spacious, the backpack comes in two sizes, meant for either 13″ or 15″ laptops, and sports detachable/re-attachable straps that let you carry it like a traditional backpack, sidestrap, sling, or even allow you to strap it to your luggage or bike. This autonomy gives you the ability to carry things the way YOU want them, and the backpack’s design itself allows you to carry more than just your laptop. The bag is spacious enough to store books, stationery, chargers, EDC, with dedicated compartments and mesh-lined pockets for all your accessories, and even has dedicated hidden slots on the outside for your phone, card, or passport, along with hanging-loops for your sunglasses, bottles, and any other accessories you may have on you.

The PRIM’s backpack is but one of its series of convenient storage products. The PRIM series even comes with its own specialized mini-packs for smaller items like gaming consoles (like the Nintendo Switch), or its mini travel-pack for your travel essentials like passport, tickets, currency, and cards. The PRIM’s smallest offering, its belt/leg pack is the perfect contemporary fanny-pack that can either clip to your belt, pocket, or even strap around your leg. Meant for your EDC essentials, the Belt/Leg pack can carry your phone, earphones, multi-tools, ID cards, keys, and everything you’d love to have instantly available to you. No matter what you want to carry, the PRIM’s got an answer.

All of PRIM’s bags come made from tough, Cordura fabric known for its weather and damage-proof resilience. The zippers are waterproof and durable too, and come with zipper covers to deter theft, and can even be locked using combination travel locks. The bags are all spacious, and customizable, with padded dividers that let you segregate items and allocate an organized, dedicated space for each of your belongings. Lastly, PRIM’s modular approach to carrying your backpack even comes with an ergonomic option. For people who carry bags on long commutes, or people with posture problems and back pain, PRIM packs an ergonomic strap-frame that you can fasten any of PRIM’s backpacks to. The ergonomic backload frame corrects your posture while distributing weight effectively, so you can carry all your items without feeling the stress of carrying all your items. Now if that isn’t just the right approach to backpack design, I don’t know what is!

Designer: Creatio Design

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PRIM is the minimal modular bag designed with the modern-day urbanite in mind. PRIM bags can be worn however it is most comfortable – either as a sling bag or in backpack mode.

The inside of the bag is also modular, with padded dividers that give the flexibility to set up your bag the way you want.

The PRIM Collection – Y Bags

Left: Sling bag mode. Right: Backpack mode.

One bag, two different ways of carrying. With the detachable backpack design, backpack mode and one-shoulder sling mode can be easily switched depending on different application need by changing the backload to the sling shoulder strap.

Y13 fits laptops up to 13″. Y15 fits laptops up to 15″.

Y13 Bag

Soft fabric inside the bag not only provides protection to your devices, but also allows you to organize the items of different sizes and shapes and to customize storage space to avoid sloshing.

Y15 Bag

Besides the main compartment, you can find a large mesh pocket with zipper to storage sundries, an elastic cord to hold the cables, a pocket for your phone, a transparent mini one and so on. From every small gadget to document, to your valued device, can find its own place in the bag.

The PRIM Collection – X Bags

The size of the X11 is only 10.7“L x 7.8“H x 2.2“W (273*198*55mm), which is suitable for daily lightweight trip. X11 bag’s internal hard board and backing board can also provide extra protection for 9.7″ tablet, Switch and other devices. Xs11 bag is small in size and large in capacity: it can be used for daily change of laundry and accessories for going out. In addition, Xs11 bag can be used as an extra add-on bag on the X11 or Y series bags to accommodate various travel options.

X11 Bag

XS11 Bag

The belt pack can be attached to waist individually, or to bags by Molle or quick buckle.

Designed for Comfort, Balance and Cooling

A separate backload fits well with the back curve of your body, distributing the load of your bags and making you feel light and better.

Anti-theft Feature

Click Here to Buy Now: $95 $149 (Save $54). Hurry, only 48 bags left!