This modular PC aims to repurpose and lessen our electronic waste

New technologies being released every day promise a futuristic look that is years ahead of the current devices. But with the speed at which our technology evolves, the same devices begin to feel out-dated and due for a refresh within a couple of years. The Level is a modular Home PC concept that explores how users can be encouraged to retain their devices for a longer period of time, even after their primary use is over!

The modular and highly adaptable home computer’s flexibility centers around the building blocks that provide even the least experienced users to upgrade the aging hardware; The pyramid of blocks is neatly concealed within the aesthetically-clean casing. It isn’t just the extended life-cycle of the product that has been considered, but also the user experience has been explored in great detail; from adjustable articulation of the screen through to the intuitive and fuss-free user interface, it’s certainly a device we would love to see in our homes for years to come!

Designer: Louis Berger