The first multisensory VR mask to bring smell, mist, vibrations into the picture!

I’ll give the guys at Feelreal a pass because the VR market is only growing, so we may have to wait a decent amount of time before multisensory VR headsets don’t look like someone glued a toaster to your face. Its bulky design aside, the Feelreal is an attachment that adds an olfactory element to your VR experience. Compatible with the Oculus Rift, Go, HTC Vive, Samsung Galaxy VR, and the Playstation VR, the Feelreal snaps to the bottom of the headset, sitting right in front of the nose. It then releases smells that complement the media you’re watching by simulating, stimulating, or relaxing.

Compatible with a variety of games, movies, and multimedia content on platforms like YouTube VR, the Feelreal can generate a variety of aromas and smells, making you feel like you’re in the moment, whether it’s a forest, a race-track, or a battlefield. The Feelreal comes with a series of 9 aroma-vials that combine to create as many as 255 different types of distinct smells, from flowers and petrichor, to food, to grease or gunpowder. The Feelreal goes the extra mile by providing a tactile experience too! It comes with its own water-spray, microheater (to simulate heat) and fan (to simulate wind), adding different layers to your audiovisual VR experience.

Feelreal’s addition to VR opens up a world of opportunities. Designed not just for games and movies, the Feelreal can also be used for therapy/meditation or even in the culinary industry. The idea is definitely a novel one (and makes VR a truly multisensorial experience, as it should be), although I personally have issues with wearing a headset that practically feels like a brick tied to the front of my face… but that’s just because the concept and the backing technology is so nascent…

Designer: Gary Mostovoy

Click Here To Buy Now: $209 $299 (30% off).

The Feelreal add smells, hot and cool wind, water mist, vibration and punches to your VR to get the most immersive entertainment experience ever.

Full Sensory Experience

Feelreal is a multisensory mask that, when attached with your VR headset, gives you a full sensory experience in your VR environment. From smell to temperature to vibration, you’ll have all your senses firing as you dive into new worlds.

Aromas & Smells

Experience over 255 unique aromas and combine them to create out-of-this-world scentscapes that will teleport you anywhere you imagine – past, present, future, or fantasy.

Because smells trigger the strongest neurological reaction to memory and emotions, you’ll be transporting your entire body and brain to the environment of your choice subconsciously – making your virtual experience even more immersive.

Check out their Feelreal Dreams Aroma Set! We also included Patchouli Aroma Capsule in each set as a bonus – try using Feelreal for relaxing aromatherapy session.

Wind & Rain

Feelreal mask is equipped with micro-fans and an ulrasonic ionizer that can recreate mountain breezes, tropical storms, ocean sprays and more!

Heat & Chill

Micro-coolers and micro-heaters let you sense the cool chill of the mountain air or be surrounded by the warm desert gust of your virtual world.

You can even program temperature effects for objects and events. Experience the scorching heat of a dragon’s flame or the icy blast of a winter storm.


Haptic Feedback Motors create vibrations that you can feel through your face. Whether it’s a punch from an opponent, a high-speed motorcycle chase, or the rumble of a dragon’s roar, you’ll FEEL the vibrations resonating through your face and body.

Transport Yourself Anywhere

There are no limitations with Feelreal. Enhance your entertainment, your gaming, even your meditations and home environment with scents, weather simulation, and haptic vibrations!





Click Here To Buy Now: $209 $299 (30% off).