This tray was engineered to rapidly thaw your frozen food… without applying any heat

Putting a very different spin on fast food, this tray lets you prepare a healthy, home-cooked meal in a jiffy. Think about how much time it takes to prepare a steak. You spend over an hour just thawing the meat, and another few hours to actually cook your meal. The Houcy tray was designed to cut the meat thawing time by as much as 75%. It uses a superconducting material to accelerate the defrosting process, bringing your steak to a workable room temperature in roughly 15 minutes.

Houcy’s innovative material doesn’t alter the physics of thawing meat, it just accelerates it. Much better than waiting for hours for the meat to thaw, or desperately chucking your expensive steak in lukewarm water (which is honestly a culinary crime), just rest the steak on the Houcy tray and it begins thawing at a much faster rate. Houcy’s superconducting aero-aluminum helps conduct the ice away from your frozen meat at a rate that’s 4x faster, so you can focus on your cooking, rather than on waiting. The tray comes with panels you can place on the top and the bottom of your steak, and a nifty cutting board that you can use on the side to prepare the rest of the ingredients.

The inside of the defrost tray consists of 22 microporous channels. Using non-toxic and odorless superconducting gas (mixed liquid gas), the team developed the superconducting gas to perform rapid cyclic motion in the micropores for thermal migration, which thaw steaks quickly and efficiently.

The superconductive tray can be used to rapidly freeze meats too. The aero-aluminum tray can be used in the freezer too, to accelerate the freezing process, making your meats freeze faster and last longer. The tray is incredibly simple to use, and splits into multiple, easy-to-store segments when you don’t need it. Moreover, it helps thaw your meat faster without compromising on its taste or nutritional value. Oh, and it’s dishwasher safe too!

Designers: Peng Wang, Chensong Zha, Yun Wang, Bo Peng, Yawen Zhao, Xinran Zhou, Huiwei Yang & Yan Liu

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Houcy – The Fastest 3-in-1 Defrosting Tray

Using superconducting aero-aluminum, Houcy is 3X faster than the market’s thawing plate, which is 6X that of natural thawing.

The tray of wheat straw can be used as a nifty cutting board to prepare the rest of the ingredients. The superconductive tray can also be used to rapidly freeze food.

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Click Here to Buy Now: $32 $50 (36% off). Hurry, for a limited time only!