This half-tank half-drone can literally travel anywhere!

Remember the PenPineappleApplePen? That’s sort of what the X-Tankcopter is… an absurdly entertaining combination of things you wouldn’t expect to be combined, because the X-Tankcopter is half tank, half quadcopter!

Designed to cover terrain-travel as well as air recon, the X-Tankcopter has the ability to traverse through rough land, climbing over some obstacles, and flying over others. With an internal mechanism that allows it to switch between driving and hovering, the X-Tankcopter is just sheer entertainment!

Neoprene kevlar treads allow the X-Tankcopter to drive through rocky, unforgiving terrain with ease, even letting it travel down a flight of steps without breaking a sweat. When land-travel isn’t an option, four 3.6-inch propellers kick in and get the X-Tankcopter airborne. The X-Tankcopter, as unusual as it may look, has a relatively traditional interface. A remote allows you to control the vehicle, and even permits the docking of a smartphone to see what your drone sees, via its HD front-mounted camera. Traveling in low-light? The tank/drone hybrid packs two bright LEDs that light the way ahead, and support for a VR headset give you the most immersive land and air-based travel experience a toy has to offer. Moreover, it supports gesture recognition too, making it pretty versatile and capable as a drone… or even a tank!

Designer: Witold Mielniczek

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% off). Hurry, only 5 left!


Drive with ease in most of the terrains, drift and drive fast on straights.


Seamlessly drive over obstacles in difficult terrain.


An agile drone, simple to control even for a beginner.


Drift around the corners on flat surfaces.

Flight Endurance

The tracks and arms do not weigh more than the standard drone propeller guards. Moreover, they provide both driving and guarding functions. Therefore the X-tankcopter features good endurance and agility in flight.


– Auto Take Off/Landing
– Custom Route
– Gesture Control
– HD Camera live/recording
– 2.4 GHz Remote Controller
– VR Goggles
– Smartphone application

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% off). Hurry, only 5 left!