Skrolla is a striking lounge chair that curves and bends to offer a comfortable seat

It’s easy enough to downplay the importance of a well-designed chair. That is, until your back and posterior start to complain about the soreness in those areas. It might not be that difficult to design a chair with ergonomic curves and angles, but one that also looks good seems to be a bit more difficult to find. It almost gives the impression that ergonomics and aesthetics are mutually opposed, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Granted, it might require a lot more creativity and ingenuity, but the end result will be so much worth the effort. A shining example of that is Skrolla, a beautiful wooden chair whose curves are more than just for show.

Designer: Dan Harden

Chairs with curved surfaces are nothing new, but you’d often find those forms in seats made of plastic or metal. These materials are easier to bend than wood, of course, but they also have less impact when it comes to portraying natural beauty. That novelty serves to augment Skrolla’s beauty, its smooth wooden surface and smooth curved form creating a visually appealing appearance that will sit well in almost any room. Plus, those curves were carefully designed to offer the best comfort for anyone sitting on this magnificent piece of furniture.

The seat, which resembles the eponymous paper scroll, isn’t carved but made from 13 layers of plywood veneer, joined and curved using a novel patented process. The wide arms provide ample room for people to support their bodies on, and the seat reclines at what is considered to be the most comfortable lounging angle. It’s so comfortable that the designer is confident you won’t even need cushions for it.

The assembly of the other parts is just as intriguing as the seat and backrest themselves. The legs, for example, go through the bottom of the scroll to the underside of the arm, creating a stable hold that requires no bracing or screws. The actual legs have larger diameters, so they’re able to hold the entire weight of the chair without additional support. The curved backrest is mortised to the back legs, again removing the need for screws or metal parts.

That practically means that the lounge chair has only six parts, all of them made from wood. The simplicity of its construction contrasts with the sophistication of its form, creating a kind of harmony that you’ll rarely find even in the prettiest of lounge chairs. It also makes the production process a bit simpler, even if the construction of the curved wood itself is just as nontrivial as its appearance.

What’s important is that Skrolla is designed to be comfortable, both in terms of ergonomics as well as visual appearance. It makes its presence in any room immediately known without being gaudy, using instead its minimalist yet sophisticated design to attract attention. It is a prime example of a design that goes beyond the limitation of the material to deliver something that is both innovative yet also familiar, something beautiful and comfortable just as a lounge chair should be.