YD Handpicks: Perfect Star Wars-inspired products to kick off May 4th!

The fourth day of the fifth month of the year holds no scientific or religious significance, but still is one of the most pop-culturally important days in the year. Why, you ask? Because the fourth of May is celebrated by nerds, movie buffs, and pop-cult lovers alike as Star Wars Day. Often heralded by greeting fellow Star Wars lovers with “May the Fourth be with you”, a hat-tip to an iconic dialogue from the film. Today, we celebrate the iconic series that spawned a culture that spread so far and wide, it’s probably also recognized in galaxies far far away. Here are a few designs that capture the phenomenon that is Star Wars!

Pangea Millennial Falcon Waffle Maker

Producing probably the best waffles in the galaxy, Pangea’s Deluxe Millennial Falcon Waffle Maker creates iconic starship-shaped waffles, with even browning on both sides thanks to its weighted lid and in-built thermostat. It even packs two LEDs that tell you when to pour batter, and when the waffles are perfectly golden and ready absolutely devour. Click Here to Buy Now

Plox Levitating Death Star Speaker

Perhaps the coolest application of levitation technology, the 5 watt speaker defies gravity as well as epectations. Pumping out some sick tunes using the Bluetooth connection to a smartphone or playback device, the speaker gradually performs 360 degree rotations like a planet, while also pushing out sound in every direction. Click Here to Buy Now

Onnit Star Wars Kettlebells

Star Wars-inspired gym equipment that takes “force being with you” perhaps a little too literally, these kettlebells are shaped like iconic characters from the films. Made from chip-resistant iron, the bells weigh 50, 60, and 70lbs respectively, and work as gym-equipment as well as fan-collectibles! Click Here to Buy Now

X-Wing Knife Block

The X-Wing Knife Block has a way of making your knives look menacingly futuristic. With the ability to dock 5 knives, the X-Wing inspired block takes knife blades and uses them as laser-turrets. Can it knock enemy spaceships out of the sky? No, but it can julienne vegetables, pretty well! Click Here to Buy Now

ThinkGeek Darth Vader Clapper

No Star Wars reference is complete without perhaps the greatest antagonist of all time… Mr. Vader himself. While the human species is far from being able to perform mind-control the way Darth Vader can, ThinkGeek’s Vader Clapper allows you to turn appliances on and off with a clap. I’d say that’s sort of just as impressive. Click Here to Buy Now

The Fowndry Darth Vader Kettle

How does Vader like his tea? Burning hot! Although he doesn’t complain if it’s Luke-warm either… The Fowndry’s hilarious, quirky kettle pays tribute to one of cinema’s most popular villains. Designed with a silhouette that uncannily resembles Vader’s helmet, the Darth Vader Kettle comes made in Stainless Steel and Plastic, has a 1.7L capacity, and a whistle that the creators describe as being powerful enough to “awaken the Force”! We’re loving every bit of the adaptation, especially the handle that was designed to resemble the grip of Darth Vader’s lightsaber.

Darth Vader ToothSaber

Bordering on a novelty item, this one’s a favorite just for the mechanism behind it. The toothpicks get housed in Vader’s cloak, and every time you use the toothpick Vader is holding onto, you can trigger his hand to reach into his cloak and promptly grab another one. The mechanism is virtually an eyegasm to look at, and the product, truly inspired! Click Here to Buy Now

Darth Vader Toaster

This one’s more than just a Vader-shaped toasting appliance. It even goes as far as to brand your toast with the official Star Wars logo! Pop in anything from bread, pancakes, buns, or English Muffins and they instantly go from regular food to food fit for the biggest geek in the Galaxy! Click Here to Buy Now