Clairy’s Planter/Purifier keeps the house green and the air clean

It’s pretty commonly known that plants have a way of cleansing the air we breathe. A forest has much healthier air than a busy intersection, and while that reference is sort of overkill, it proves a point. Greenery is associated with freshness, and plants trap dust, dirt, kill bacteria, and dissipate harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide from the air, replacing it with fresh oxygen that nurtures the body. The Clairy Air Purifier plays on this property of plants, accelerating it in a way that allows a single plant to do the job a garden would. With a stylized planter base that not only shatters the misconceptions that air purifiers should be bulky, appliance-like, and borderline clinical, Clairy has an aesthetics-forward Italian-design-influenced approach. It looks incredibly voguish, and houses a plant too, giving you greenery and home decor along with the benefits of an appliance without the overbearing presence of it.

Clairy is an award winning planter/purifier hybrid that adds a touch of aesthetic beauty and greenery to the space. With a purifier integrated into the planter itself, Clairy pulls polluted air through its top, allowing to pass through and around the plant and soil, getting the plant to absorb microorganisms, gases, and dust particles. Clairy purifies air using the plant’s own natural processes of trapping pollutants in its soil and around the roots, and the then purified air makes its exit from the exhaust on the planter. With no industrial filter of its own, Clairy relies on an effective form of bio-purification and therefore needs no periodic replacement of filters. It works silently too, doing its job diligently, and even allows you to track and measure air quality levels over time.

Designed completely in Italy, Clairy follows the highest standards of Italian aesthetics and engineering too (the product has won European and German Design Awards). The planter, in a bid to completely reject the norms of appliance design, comes made from Italian ceramics by Venetian craftsmen, effectively melding haute decor, consumer appliance, and the benefits of a healthier lifestyle into one, incredibly classy product!

Designer: Clairy