Tired of 2D board games? Gridopolis lets you build your own three-dimensional playing space!

If you remember 3-dimensional chess from the TV sitcom The Big Bang Theory, Gridopolis is a lot like that. Rather than relying on a boring, flat gaming surface, it allows you to build your own 3D board, bringing depth, creativity, and adventure to board games!

Gridopolis was designed by Dave Schultze, an award-winning designer who believed board games had a tendency to become restrictive and repetitive. With a dynamic gaming surface that exists in 3 dimensions, Gridopolis embraces adventure, prompting you to exercise your creativity to build a multi-level gaming surface. Depending on the game-length and complexity, you can build a board that’s either conforming or completely haphazard… and rather than be restricted to the board you’ve built, Gridopolis even lets you expand your board’s design as you go, adding multiple twists to the game.

Gridopolis, in every way, is the antithesis of board games. A combination of building, playing, and overall strategy, Gridopolis even has flexible rules. The box set comes with a set of gaming guidelines, but Schultze encourages people to develop their own rules and strategies. Whether you want to play variations of chess, draughts, ludo, or backgammon, with two, three, even four players, Gridopolis provides you with the framework and ability to build your own board, and design your own game. In the box, you can find the board construction kit, consisting of posts, links, and landing pads, as well as player pieces (along with some special pieces that help unlock powers).

A winner of two gold awards in the 2018 International Design Awards, Gridopolis is board gaming turned on its head. You can do much more with it rather than just moving forwards, backwards, and sideways. With Gridopolis, you can also jump up, down, and even teleport… all while playing the game of your choice, or a new game every time! Trust me, you’re not going back to playing boring old 2D chess again!

Designer: Dave Schultze of SchultzeWORKS designstudio

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Gridopolis Games is an innovative game-design laboratory founded by Dave Schultze to break the mold of traditional board games by challenging gamers to think creatively and strategically in three dimensions.

Gridopolis is the world’s first ‘construction set meets strategy game.’ It’s a set of simple parts that can be endlessly rearranged, an innovative 3D game, and an expandable system with practical educational applications for STEM learning.

Gridopolis Games received Gold honors at the The International Design Awards (IDA) in two toy design categories: (1) Educational Toy and (2) Board Game.

Featuring three-dimensional game play and an infinitely expandable system that can be endlessly rearranged, the Gridopolis game set is an inspiring new take on classic board games.

Now, you can play the games you know and love without any of the previous limits and constraints.

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