Fitness-tracking foot-fabric!

We’ve come a long way to have socks that are also Fitness Trackers. Unlike the ones that strap to your wrist, just giving you a fraction of the data you deserve, Sensoria Socks have 100% textile sensors all along them that give you complete feedback on your run… in realtime!

The socks come with four magnetic stubs and a horse-shoe shaped anklet that snaps onto them, gathering data from the sensors. The way one snaps the anklet on and then rolls the sock over to secure it is a rather nifty technique. It conceals the tech, and also makes sure the anklet never falls off. The anklet, an IoT device in its own right, sends over all sorts of data to the Sensoria app on your smartphone that when connected to headsets, can guide you along your run, telling you how many calories you’ve burnt, or how often you’re applying pressure on your heel, or even what your regular fitness trackers do, like giving you your heart-rate and steps per minute. After your run, simply detach the anklet and use the proprietary charger to charge it. The socks can head straight to the washing machine, since the sensors are completely textile based, and therefore washable.

With the kind of accuracy (in terms of data) and AI coaching the Sensoria provides, it’s sure to give the other fitness trackers a “run for their money”!

Designer: Sensoria Team