Vase Designs that promise to be the center of attention in any room!

Countlessly explored in form while simplest in its functionality, a vase is an elemental piece of design that is present in every home. There was a time when a vase served only two functions: 1) the display of flowers or 2) as a family heirloom to be kept in a crystal cabinet. Those days are over. Now, a creatively designed vase can be so much more. It can be the centerpiece of a room, part of an overall design scheme, a gift to a loved one or the finishing touch on an artful display. The brilliant thing about creative vase designs is that the possibilities are limitless. You can tailor the style to suit your particular tastes and personality. As a part of YD Design Storm, we have curated some truly innovative vase designs to inspire you.

Teumsae modular wall mount vases by Extra&Ordinary

Cork Combo Vase by Melanie Abrantes

Nubes Vase by Sandra Faggiano

Hanami Vase/Fragrance diffuser by Ichendorf Milano

The Ghost Collection of flowerpots by Studio Iludi

Zuperfici Vases Series by Duccio Maria Gambi

90º Impossible Triangle Vase inspired by the Penrose Triangle by Cuatro Cuatros’

Unfinished Vases by Kazuya Koike

Bo Vase by Bau Design

Suprematic Vases by NOOM