A Lamp That’s Adjusted Using Stones!


There is something so beautiful about simple and honest design, when the product relies solely on its function to create an eye-catching and engaging form. This is exactly what designer Simon Edvrard achieved with this indoor lighting, that relies on the tactile human interaction to adjust the lamps height.

Marble stones rest in two metal trays, one of which is mounted above the lamp shade and the other is on the stand; by transferring the stones from the tray that’s located above the lampshade to the top tray, the light will gently rise. It’s this feature that gives the lamp its distinctive and attention-stealing form that would quickly become a feature within any room!

The marble base plants this sculpture-like lamp on the ground and the contrasting metal tubing makes a bold statement while simultaneously remaining elegant! Petits poids is a truly beautiful method of lighting up the room!

Designer: Simon Evrard