This colander balances your time by washing and serving with the same design

How often have you picked off grapes from the sink, because when you were washing them, a couple of them fell in. Annoying, right? Addressing this and two other important issues (which I will get into later), the Equilibric colander makes itself a prized possession in your kitchen.

The science behind this rotating colander is simple. It is designed to keep the inner bowl always upright. And because of this, when you drain off water, the outer bowl discharged the water, while the inner bowl keeps everything upright and safe. Another big advantage of this design is that it is very helpful when you want to defrost food. The outer bowl collects the defrost water, and saves your countertop from stains.

Lastly, the colander can be used as a serving dish, thanks to the food-safe materials it has been crafted from. My style of cooking requires a lot of cleaning of veggies and fruits, so I completely resonate with the solution this colander provides. It saves you water (by 60%), removes contamination efficiently (90% of the dirt and bacteria from your foods) and looks neat. Three thumbs-up from us!

Designer: Equilibric

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The Equilibric serves on your kitchen as a colander, defrosting bowl and a serving dish.

The Equilibric colander reduces the amount of water needed to wash your fruits and vegetables by 60% – all while removing twice as many contaminants!

Its ergonomic design keeps the vegetables upright and safe as the water bowl drains the dirty water away, cleaning your foods and keeping your clean items safe from spillage.

The colander also serves as a serving dish for you. You don’t have to worry about using more dishes than necessary just because you need something to put them in afterwards. Drain the excess water from your vegetables – and serve your fruits or salads in the same dish.

Trying to defrost something at room temperature turns into a huge problem for most cooks. Water often winds up all over the counter creating an even bigger mess, and more work for you. But with the Equilibric colander, its washing machine motion helps remove 90% of the dirt and bacteria from your foods.

Equilibric has a very well considered hole slots pattern that allows draining the excess water fast and simple. Equilibric Bowl is made from a high-quality polypropylene which is an unharmful material to dine from. Equilibric Bowl design has a special spin system which uses the force of gravity to speed up all kitchen tasks.

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