The World’s First All-Terrain Drone!

The X-Tankcopter may just be the ultimate toy for all of us big-kids! As the name would suggest, this device is more than just a drone… it’s the highly capable combination of both a drone and a tank. This unusual hybrid gives it seemingly limitless capabilities when it comes to negotiating obstacles; whether you choose to scamper along rough terrain or gracefully fly over it, the X-TANKCOPTER has you covered!

You can capture your action-packed mission via the onboard HD camera, allowing you to re-live your adventure and track your progress. This camera also allows you to become immersed within the experience through the VR goggles that accompany the device!

How you choose to control the device is up to you, whether it be by using the mobile app, gesture control or the controller, you are bound to become completely engrossed by its capabilities. This agile, durable and undoubtedly unique device is certainly a going to get onlookers talking!

Designer: Witold Mielniczek

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% off). Hurry, only 15 left!

The X-Tankcopter can easily cruise through hard terrain, narrow gaps, drift and get to speed on straights, take off and fly fast.


Drive with ease in most of the terrains, drift and drive fast on straights.


Seamlessly drive over obstacles in difficult terrain.


An agile drone, simple to control even for a beginner.


Drift around the corners on flat surfaces.

Flight Endurance

The tracks and arms do not weigh more than the standard drone propeller guards. Moreover, they provide both driving and guarding functions. Therefore the X-tankcopter features good endurance and agility in flight.


– Auto Take Off/Landing
– Custom Route
– Gesture Control
– HD Camera live/recording
– 2.4 GHz Remote Controller
– VR Goggles
– Smartphone application

Click Here To Buy Now: $99 $149 (33% off). Hurry, only 15 left!