One light with all-inclusive charging to organize and rule all desks

Whilst a multi-socket is often required near our desks in order to provide power to the array of electrical products that surround us, they unfortunately lead to an abundance of unsightly and intrusive cables that can be rather a nuisance to deal with! This is where the NIOXCSM Wireless Charging Light really shines, as it introduces an element of much-needed organization into the work-space.

This conceptual device ingeniously combines three essential desk-top items, the desk light, multi-socket and phone charger, into one sleek and space-saving product! NIOXSMN neatly clamps to the edge of the desk, providing both a stable and convenient location to plug-in your devices! The top section protrudes onto the surface of the desk, this is where a mobile phone can sit to charge, or be used as an area to place small items that can quickly clutter-up the desk! On the rear of the product are the power outputs which include a multifunctional charging port, USB-C port and two USB ports… perfect for those of us who appreciate a tidy desk!

Designer: Engyang Zhu