The Perfect Tripod for Vloggers

When it comes to vlogging or capturing memories whilst on the go, the key to successful equipment is convenience and usability, and so it’s only right that a tripod must also meet these criteria! That’s just what the SwitchPod was designed to do, as it puts versatility and simplicity first.

SwitchPod allows you to shift between handheld and tripod mode in one smooth, and extremely satisfying, motion; the speed at which this can be carried-out lends itself to the fast pace of a vlogger, ensuring that it can keep up with their busy lifestyle! Aside from speed, this ingenious method of opening and closing also makes SwitchPod extremely compact; when folded, the thin and lightweight design slips into the user’s bag with ease… or if that’s not quite your style, then it can be attached to the side with the addition of a carabiner.

This certainly looks like an extremely versatile tripod that is fit for even the busiest of vloggers!

Designers: Pat Flynn & Caleb Wojcik

Click Here To Buy Now: $79 $99 ($20 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!

SwitchPod is lightweight, compact, and nearly indestructible. It will save you time between shots so you can focus more on shooting and less on messing with your gear.

Switch between handheld and tripod modes (and back again) in seconds.

What People Are Saying

“From vlog mode to tripod mode IN SECONDS.” – Peter McKinnon

“I’m never using my Gorillapod ever again.” – Levi Allen VanderKwaak

“This is such a sturdy tripod… It’s the only way to vlog. Seriously, it is THE tripod for vloggers.” – Dave Altizer of Kinotika

Here’s How It Works

SwitchPod works with any camera. No more fussing with tripod mounting plates, our embedded 1/4-20″ standard tripod screw and tightening knob will help you attach any camera in seconds.

Easy to hold. Finger grooves allow you to grip the SwitchPod at your comfort level anywhere along the neck. If your camera is heavy, choke up. If it’s light, slide down.

Non-slip feet. Discreet, recessed feet allow you to set your camera down quietly on a surface without it sliding away.

Quickly attach or remove your camera. The tightening knob allows you to switch cameras swiftly while ensuring that any camera is safely attached.

Take it anywhere. The thin and lightweight design allows you to easily slip it into any camera bag, pocket, or fanny pack (if you’re THAT cool).

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Strong enough to hold heavy rigs and won’t sag. Despite its lightweight design, the SwitchPod is incredibly strong and made of an aluminum alloy (not plastic). It will support a heavy camera, lens, microphone, and more without breaking or slowly collapsing.

Click Here To Buy Now: $79 $99 ($20 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left!