Folding laptop unfolds to share memories

Recent unveilings within the world of tech have given us a glimpse as to what our future could entail… and it looks like it involves a lot more folds! This mind-blowing technical progression has led to some pretty incredible concepts to be created, and ones which don’t feel that far off! FRAME is one of these, as it aims to be a highly functional and exceptionally diverse piece of kit!

FRAME takes on three distinct forms, each offering a solution to a unique and vastly different requirement. Its go-to form is that of a digital picture frame; the 24” flexible OLED screen beautifully displays images and allows memories to be recalled. However, the potential of the flexible display really comes into its own when it is transformed into Laptop Mode; the central hinge provides a clean bend, as the interface transitions into an on-screen keyboard and monitor. Its final form answers the need for a desktop. The display neatly rests upon the equally as elegant wireless charging dock, where it can be accompanied by a keyboard and mouse to make a productivity-encouraging work station!

Designer: Hyeong Seop Lee

Laptop Mode

Desktop Mode

Picture Frame Mode

Wireless Charging Dock